About Us

our location, in the center of the country, means that we understand better than anyone the values of the new american middle. we shop where they shop. we love what they love. and the amazing things about a brand that resonate with them? those things resonate with us, too.

why partner with britton?

we've been crafting creative strategies for some of America's favorite brands for more than 15 years.

what we do

where we live + work

Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a Midwestern city big enough to keep things interesting, yet small enough to pay attention to what matters most: family, community, spirituality, and sustainability.

These are the core values of the New American Middle, and our location in the center of the country means we understand this audience better than anyone. We shop where the New American Middle shops. We love what they love.

And the amazing things about a brand that resonate with them? Those things resonate with us too.

our work is guided by three principles

We attribute much of our success to the people on our team. When we find people with world-class talent, we like to keep them around and help them grow. Thanks to that approach, most of us have been working at Britton for many years. That means that our team is knowledgeable and seasoned and work together extremely well.

Our work is guided by:

core competencies

We’re a highly strategic agency, and at the root of our planning is prioritization. We identify your brand’s biggest growth opportunities and tailor everything we do to achieving that growth. We work with brands to create strategies and messaging that speaks to key audiences in a way that ensures the brand is heard.

  • Customer: Audience identification, understanding and strategy
  • Brand: Brand development and brand expression
  • Design: UI/UX design and graphic design and content creation
  • Experiential: Catalog, brochure design, and in-store collateral and merchandising
  • Aesthetics: Photo, video production and asset capture
  • Expression: Visual identity, design systems, and brand standards guides
  • Digital: Social media, content marketing and influencer marketing