creative. strategy. heart.

we use branding, creative, and marketing to put the new american middle at the center of your business. 

At Britton Marketing & Design Group, these three elements define and drive all that we do. We consider concepts with the mind of an artist. We take a big challenge and turn it into a best chance. We care deeply about and connect with our clients and their customers.

We do it all because we love it.

A few of our favorite projects

  1. New American Middle

    Over the last 10 years, a new consumer group has emerged. Empowered by access to unprecedented amounts of data and knowledge through social media and their support networks, this group has become an influential economic force from their place in the middle of it all. Long considered to be less relevant than consumers who live in the big metro areas, they are beginning to make themselves heard through their cumulative purchasing power. They will no longer allow themselves to be ignored. They consider themselves to be the new center of what is really important. Meet the New American Middle

  2. Marketing Home Goods

    Marketing home goods to the New American Middle is all about marrying the values of a brand and its consumers. Through our work with brands such as Arhaus, Pyrex, Hunter Douglas, and Sherwin-Williams, we’ve found that the best way to build that relationship is through storytelling.

    We tell the kind of stories that go beyond the billboard, the brick-and-mortar store, or the photo shoot. These stories go right into consumers’ homes, and then follow them to the gym, the coffee shop, the office, and back home again.

  3. Marketing to Women

    At Britton Marketing & Design, we know women. Most of us are women. And we know that the choices—and the bonds—women make have immeasurable power. Women know the brands that get who we are and those that don’t; the products that work and the ones that fall short.

    Now more than ever, fashion and home goods brands have to make a meaningful connection. This means meeting women face-to-face, offering to help. It means starting a conversation.

    A woman’s favorite brands don’t tell her what to do. They show her options and give her ideas.

    We’re an agency that can envision this world. Better yet, we’re an agency that’s offering to help women build it.

  4. Expertise

    We’re here to help you answer the big questions:

    Who are you?
    What moves you?
    Why do you do what you do?
    What do you stand for?

    When we answer these questions, we take brands from merely selling products to staying present. We determine whether your brand needs an evolution or a revolution, and the resulting shift will help you create lasting emotional connections.

    Finding answers is our specialty.

    We determine whether your brand needs an evolution or a revolution, and the resulting shift will help you create lasting emotional connections.

  5. Services

    We’re a highly strategic agency, and at the root of our planning is prioritization. We identify your brand’s biggest growth opportunities and tailor everything we do to achieving that growth. 

    We work with brands to create strategies and messaging that speaks to key audiences in a way that ensures the brand is heard.

  6. Process

    Through our process, we find endless possibilities. 

    We discover unseen patterns and paths forward for your brand, guiding you toward a defined set of values that can be translated into emotionally resonant creative.

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