Our Expertise and Experience in Marketing and Branding

we're here to help you and your brand answer the following questions: 

what moves you? 
what do you stand for?
is your brand in need of an evolution or a revolution?

what are your core values?

When we answer these questions, we take brands from merely selling products to staying present.

We determine whether your brand needs an evolution or a revolution, and the resulting shift will help you create lasting emotional connections. This is the difference between Apple and Sony, between Starbucks and Folgers.

Between Yeti and Amazon Basics

Between your brand and its future potential. Once we identify the needed path, we are able to identify where in our proven process we begin our work.

Finding those answers is our specialty.

landscape expertise

Meet the New American Middle

What was once referred to as “middle America” has morphed into a more complex, and diverse group of consumers that are unified by their common priorities and a sense of personal empowerment. At BMDG, we call this group the New American Middle. Through our own research, and our work with brands such as Sherwin-Williams, Arhaus, Vera Bradley, Pyrex, and many others that market to the New American Middle, we’ve discovered an essential truth about this large and valuable audience: the New American Middle is primarily motivated by values. Meet the New American Middle

consumer expertise

Marketing to Women

BMDG’s reputation was built on our work with brands that primarily serve women. After working for more than a decade with Vera Bradley, our first client, we became experts at helping brands market to this powerful audience. After all, more than 85 percent of consumer purchases in the United States are made by women, and nearly all fashion and home goods purchases are made with women in mind. In order to win the loyalty of women, brands need to meet women face-to-face, in the places where they live, and have meaningful and authentic conversations. We know how to start those conversations. Find out more about how we market to women

category expertise

Home Goods Marketing

At BMDG, we market home goods a little differently than other agencies. We believe that a brand needs to have a story to tell about every product it sells, and not just an exotic sourcing story, but a story that answers the questions real consumers ask themselves when making a purchase. How will this baking dish help me make new memories with my friends? How will this sofa improve the time I spend with my family? At BMDG, we tell the kind of brand stories that reflect the values consumers care about most. Find out more about how we market home goods

category expertise

Fashion and Apparel Marketing

Marketing fashion and apparel is how we got our start. Ever since then, we’ve kept our eyes and ears open, and developed a deeper expertise in this increasingly complicated category. Whether you’re a brand that sells to big box retailers or an ecommerce startup, BMDG has the strategic chops to find out what makes you special, and the experience and know-how it takes to communicate that special something to the right audiences. Find out more about our fashion marketing expertise.

brand expression expertise

Lifestyle Marketing and Storytelling

At BMDG, we shape brands to reflect meaningful values and support the purpose and pursuits of the people who follow (and shop) them. The new marketing landscape is complex, and that complexity requires brands to find creative ways to connect—and to work constantly to strengthen those connections. As in any relationship, regular check-ins matter. We ask, “what’s working?” “What needs work?” And through these evaluations we inspire stronger, more lasting bonds between your brand and your audience.

paint expertise

Marketing Expressive Paint Brands 

For more than a decade, BMDG has had the pleasure of working on countless projects for many of the most colorful brands in the paint business, creating elevated, on-brand labels, in-store merchandising collateral, global color trend campaigns, and more. Through an effective combination of industry expertise and opportunity identification tactics, our creative can be found in almost every corner of this category.

color expertise

Color and Trend Marketing

BMDG was built on a foundation of color expertise. After more than a decade of collaborations with some of America’s most colorful brands—Vera Bradley, Sherwin-Williams, Moen, Peter Millar, Spoonflower, Corelle, Color Marketing Group—we are better equipped than ever to help brands stay on top of the latest color trends, more fully express their own true colors, and discover new ways to use color to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

the home trend report

Industry News and Insights

Our team is always on the lookout for new developments across different audience segments, and we distill those trends into actionable insights that our client partners can utilize. One of our revelations is that the home is more sacred than ever before. While it has always been a backdrop for making memories, in the last few years home has also become an office, a gym, a shopping center, a school, a sanctuary. One constant rings truer than ever: home is at the heart of everything.

the brand affinity Index

How can we make branding and brand expression more measurable? How can we put a qualifiable and quantifiable process to identify what consumers think and feel about brands? In the current consumer landscape of decreasing brand loyalty, we wanted to create a lasting process to help brands understand, through research and data, what consumers actually think about their brand. We’ve developed a flexible process that allows for brands to identify how real-time, in-market consumers perceive their brands. We call it the Brand Affinity Index

How we work

  1. Brand Identification

    Brand Identification

    Our team has spent a decade developing an approach that identifies unique points of difference, sequences a brand’s DNA, and then positions the brand to take advantage of opportunities in an ever-changing marketing landscape.

  2. Brand Expression

    Brand Expression

    We know how to capture a brand’s essence and use it to build a solid go-to-market strategy. By focusing on the nuances and details, we provide a look and feel that becomes a point of difference, lifting brands to a whole new level.

  3. Brand Marketing

    Brand Marketing

    We believe every piece of brand expression should be valuable to the audience and to the brand itself. We are experts at making sure your brand is marketed with precision and purpose across all channels.

  4. Brand Activation

    Brand Activation

    We know your marketing dollars are scrutinized, and that you need to be more accountable for your ROI than ever. That’s why our activation strategies are built around granular attribution measurement and in-market learning tactics.