Marketing to Women

more than 85 percent of consumer purchases in the united states are made by women. nearly all fashion and home goods purchases are made with women in mind.

at bmdg, we know women. most of our team members are women. and we know that the choices—and the bonds—women make have immeasurable power. 

Women know how to stick together. We congregate, help each other out, talk. Women know the brands that get who we are and those that don’t; the products that work and the ones that fall short. Now more than ever, fashion and home goods brands have to make a meaningful connection. This means meeting women face-to-face, offering to help. It means starting a conversation.

A woman’s favorite brands don’t tell her what to do. They show her options and give her ideas.

The brands a woman rallies behind must understand what inspires her, what her values are and what motivates her to connect. Women want only what’s best for themselves and for the ones they love. They want a better world.

We’re an agency that can envision this world. Better yet, we’re an agency that’s offering to help women build it.

A few of our favorite marketing to women projects