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our favorite fashion and accessories brands don’t tell us what to do. they show us options, give us ideas. they don’t inspire us to become someone we’re not—they inspire us to become more deeply ourselves.

This is the way we approach building and marketing fashion brands, and it’s no coincidence that the brands we have worked with—Vera Bradley, Peter Millar, Jude Connally—all appeal to consumers who are dressing not just to impress, but dressing to have fun, to feel good, to relax, to work out. 

While we apply a consistent standard of excellence to every piece we produce, you can expect specialized strategy and a unique look and feel for each brand we touch.

We offer a holistic suite of services to our fashion and accessories clients: foundational brand DNA work, market positioning, development of product stories, seasonal campaigns, and fresh, exuberant creative content for print and digital, from ads and billboards to emails and social media—and everything in between.

The goal of all this work is to help brands deepen the relationship with their consumers, as well as appeal to new consumers, by focusing on the kinds of details that turn one-time customers into lifelong fans—unique patterns, a particular way of stitching, the use of sustainable materials, and a brand story that feels less like a movie and more like real life.

By focusing on the nuances and details, we provide a look and feel that becomes a point of difference, lifting brands to a whole new level.

Our internal team is structured to take on multiple brands at a time, with each brand receiving the attention of a dedicated group of designers, copywriters, strategists, and art directors.

“Sue developed Vera Bradley’s first tagline—“To Be a Girl’s Best Friend”—and she drove our branding imagery and seasonal go-to-market strategies. Their photo-art direction and copywriting skills have always been outstanding. They listened carefully to understand my vision first and foremost and that made all the difference in creating visuals and headlines that resonated with our fans and elevated the brand.

They were simply the ones that most fully expressed the brand’s core attributes.

I am pleased to recommend Britton Marketing & Design Group for any type of brand development work.” 

Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, Co-Founder of Vera Bradley

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