We develop values-driven brands through emotionally resonant creative.

We are an agency that lives at the intersection of form and function. Equal parts left-brain and right-brain. Equal parts analytical and intuitive explorers. We understand the importance of harnessing data and intuition to give every brand we work with a solid, repeatable framework with a deep and thoughtful base of creative exploration as the building blocks.

During our years in business we’ve realized that the best way to produce extraordinary results is to integrate functions that are different. We harness the analytical, performance-focused left-brain experts—the people who are obsessed with how marketing, tactics, and mechanisms function. We empower the right-brain creative explorers to do what they do well, which is push the boundaries of the form to make content engaging and interesting.

form (art and intuition)
cohesive marketing integration and performance
function (process and algorithms)

How we work

  1. Brand Identification

    Brand Identification

    Our team has spent a decade developing an approach that identifies unique points of difference, sequences a brand's DNA, and helps position brands to take advantage of growth opportunities in an ever-changing and evolving landscape and then go to market with fewer assumptions and more confidence.

  2. Brand Expression

    Brand Expression

    We know how to capture a brand’s essence. We also know how to take that essence and build a solid go-to-market strategy around it. By focusing on the nuances and details, we provide a look and feel that becomes a point of difference, lifting brands to a whole new level.

  3. Brand Marketing

    Brand Marketing

    We believe every piece of brand expression should be valuable to the audience. It should also serve a specific objective that serves the overall brand goals. We are experts at making sure your brand is marketed with precision and purpose across all channels.

  4. Brand Activation

    Brand Activation

    We know your marketing dollars are scrutinized, and that you need to be more accountable for your ROI than ever. That’s why our activation strategies are built around granular attribution measurement and in-market learning tactics.

I have worked with Sue Britton and Britton Marketing on branding work for many years, first with Peter Millar menswear as their Director of Digital Marketing, and now as the SVP of Marketing for Spoonflower, a fast-growing DIY print-on-demand fabric and design marketplace. I have relied on them for brand strategy and brand storytelling, which is core to their expertise. I can highly recommend them for any brand execution that would benefit from inspiring creative based on a solid marketing strategy.

Sarah Ward, SVP of Marketing, SPOONFLOWER

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