data-informed audience segmentation and go-to-market strategy

  • Research and Data Analysis
  • Audience Identification, Strategy and Targeting
  • Brand Planning and Development
  • Channel Strategy
  • Brand Expression

For decades, Karndean has been a leader and innovator in the UK’s luxury vinyl flooring category. When Karndean decided to enter the LVT flooring market in the US, they came to BMDG for guidance on how to leverage their existing consumer data into a new visual identity and creative strategy that would set the brand apart in a crowded category.

BMDG implemented our opportunity identification process to develop audience segments based on Karndean’s rich primary data, category and syndicated data, and then we prioritized those audiences based on the potential growth they presented to Karndean. We then established a messaging and channel selection strategy based on purchase triggers, wants, needs, category preferences, product attributes, and more. This led to a messaging hierarchy that informed a new visual identity.

In the end, we delivered an easy-to-use and actionable implementation plan, complete with new visual assets, a multi-channel editorial calendar for the next two quarters, a macro quarterly look, a micro monthly editorial calendar, and a weekly distribution schedule.

Note: Images used for this project were supplied by client. BMDG did not shoot nor do we own these images beyond the project we were contracted for. 

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