anderson tuftex

elevating livable luxury through photo and video production and catalog design

  • Brand Expression
  • Catalog and Brochure Design and Marketing
  • Photo and Video Production and Asset Capture

Our work with Anderson Tuftex, the style authority in the flooring category, was all about doing what we do best: elevating a brand’s storytelling with beautiful creative. Anderson Tuftex found us through our work with Arhaus, and we instantly recognized key similarities between the two brands. Both share a belief that quality design and craftsmanship are the highest form of luxury, and both are dedicated to bringing those timeless qualities into the homes of discerning consumers. Anderson Tuftex asked us to use our styling and design expertise to give their visual identity a lift and to conceptualize their forthcoming product collections.

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From the start, our relationship with Anderson Tuftex was truly collaborative. Our creative team toured the Anderson Tuftex carpet mill in Santa Fe Springs, California, to get an in-depth look at what went into the new product collections we would be capturing at the shoot. We also worked alongside the Anderson Tuftex team to develop the concept for their 2020 collection: Artifact. Taking inspiration from the found treasures and curated keepsakes of a well-traveled life, we set out to bring this concept to fruition.

The weeklong photo and video shoot took place in Brooklyn, New York. Our meticulous pre-shoot planning allowed us to pursue an aggressive schedule that maximized our time on the custom-designed and -built sets while ensuring that the shoot was completed on time and on budget. Once the shoot was complete, our expert production and retouching team finished the stunning final assets: a beauty book to introduce the new collections, a brand video, and four collection videos.

Our partnership with Anderson Tuftex has yielded much more than just a new library of assets; together we established a new visual language that would help them communicate their brand message going forward.

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