The landscape of marketing has changed. 

The New American Middle is a consumer group that you no longer can afford not to speak to. 

This is our proven 5-step process for identifying your brand’s sustainable path forward:

  1. Defining the operative set of values within your category

  2. Defining which values are core to your brand, and which values are currently being expressed though your brand’s marketing efforts

  3. Learning which values are owned, competed over, and shared by other brands in your category

  4. Identifying the “blank space” in your category—which values the brands in your category are not currently activating around—as well as values over which there is unnecessary competition

  5. Developing a creative blueprint and brand playbook to fill that category “blank space,” while also re-directing creative away from any wasteful values competition

The outcome is a data-informed and stronger market positioning, a more precise visual identity and brand expression strategy, messaging strategy based on ownable values, customer relevance and resonance, and an audience prioritization blueprint. 

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