pratt & lambert paints

audience segmentation and synthesis sets the stage for a colorful brand evolution

  • Channel Strategy
  • Photo and Video Production and Asset Capture
  • Paid Media Strategy, Activation, and Management
  • Social Media and Influencer Marketing
  • Website Strategy, Architecture and Design

Premium paint brand and longtime BMDG client Pratt & Lambert Paints asked us to help increase the heritage brand’s relevance to pro painters while maintaining the brand’s resonance with do-it-for-me and designer audiences.

BMDG has a long history of helping paint brands reach new customers and convert current customers into brand loyalists. For this project, we began by looking at primary, secondary, syndicated, search, and social listening data. Synthesizing this data allowed us to segment and prioritize audiences based on the greatest opportunity for growth and to make channel selections that would most effectively reach the pro painter audience.

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The initial campaign centered around driving awareness and store traffic through a partnership with Purdy, a heritage brand with a sterling reputation for quality paint brushes. We crafted a messaging strategy and multichannel media strategy to support the brand’s goals and account for the specific needs of predetermined independent dealers. We also managed the campaign’s outreach to the pro painter audience, and we monitored the campaign’s effectiveness for performance reporting back to Pratt & Lambert.

To better engage the pro painter audience on social media, we produced a photo shoot to create a new library of lifestyle images that showed off Pratt & Lambert’s legendary quality and impressive color selection. We also created content for social media, some that spoke directly to the pro audience and some to inspire the do-it-for-me audience, and established a fresh, eye-catching online presence for the brand.

In addition to these new images, the assets we created included:

  • New brand collateral for the web portal used by Pratt & Lambert’s local dealers
  • New website strategy, architecture, design, and copy
  • Paid media for the Purdy partnership campaign centered around timely rebates, including direct mail, social media, native content, and dynamic programmatic ads

With the help of BMDG, Pratt & Lambert was able to reintroduce themselves to the pro painter audience, maintain their relationship with the DIFM audience, and head into the new year with increased clarity and confidence.

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